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Luxury Villas in Cabarete, sea horse ranch,cap cana,casa de campo, and all the other nice gated communities here in dominican republic Apart from the price of the property being significantly cheaper, you may find that the properties that are on sale are in much better condition. It is no secret that many of the properties that real estate agents try to sell are not in the best condition. In fact, you may find that many of them have been unoccupied for a while and fallen into a state of disrepair. If you search for property for sale by the owner though then you will find that the property is kept in perfect condition. This ensures that you have something which is fairly liveable when you move in. Of course, like all property purchases you should try to inspect the property first before you purchase it. This way you won’t be disappointed in what you end up with! luxury mansion, luxury homes, caribbean beachfront

Modern Oceanfront Villas – Samana Properties

Luxury living in the middle of a virgin paradise. Where the most sophisticated aspects of comfort-architecture meet the landscapes of an untouched tropical bay, respecting its delicate balance to accommodate only a few privileged individuals in what truly is one of the last marvelous destinations of the world. This 40 villa private resort blends the […]

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Luxury Private Villa with Breathtaking Ocean View

The luxury estate offers a succession of delightful experiences immediately upon entry. The architect and builder achieved a seamless combination of style, comfort and sustainability, using the highest quality construction materials and interior design elements. With 7 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, the 8500 sq. ft (790 sqm) home showcases refined minimalist design with clean, yet […]

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